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Talmera Proteins is committed to improving the lives of Middle Eastern consumers by using our nutritional expertise to provide superior products. We are dedicated to adding goodness to food and beverage products that nourish kids, adults, and the elderly in all Middle Eastern markets. 

The distinctive demographic, climate, and lifestyle conditions found in the Middle East region mean that consumers face unique health challenges. For adults and the elderly, making healthy lifestyle and diet choices is necessary to avoid unwanted health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Giving our kids a healthy start to life by providing superior nutrition for expectant mothers and their babies is vital to ensuring adequate growth and organ development in babies and infants. 

Talmera Proteins believes in the strength of dairy. We are a committed partner for food manufacturers and product formulators looking to differentiate themselves by developing superior, dairy-enriched products to improve the wellbeing of their customers in the Middle East region.


Our experience and passion for delivering great nutritional products with outstanding service means our customers can operate their businesses comfortable that their dairy nutrition needs are in good, strong hands. 

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